Red Bee Group Principals Author Law360 Column on Pandemic and Diversity

Law360 publishes guest column written by The Red Bee Group Principals Roberta Liebenberg and Stephanie Scarf about the impact of the Pandemic on women in the workplace.

Pandemic Could Jeopardize Law Firm Diversity Efforts

Law 360 quotes The Red Bee Group Principals Stephanie Scharf and Roberta Liebenberg on the impact of the pandemic on law firm diversity initiatives.

American Lawyer Highlights The Red Bee Group’s First National Survey on Remote Working During COVID-19 Pandemic

American Lawyer has featured results from The Red Bee Group’s first national survey of the legal profession.

A National Survey on the New Normal of Working Remotely

ABA Journal publishes The Red Bee Group nationwide survey of legal professionals.

Red Bee Principals Publish Groundbreaking ABA/ALM Study of Long-Term Careers for Women Lawyers

Principals Stephanie Scharf and Roberta Liebenberg are authors of a first-of-its-kind report, jointly issued by the American Bar Association and ALM Intelligence, which describes the reasons why experienced women are far more likely than men to leave the private practice of law.

Developing Leadership Muscle Memory by Kelly McNamara Corley

As a C-suite executive who has managed people and led teams for 35 years, I thought I knew a thing or two about leadership. I’ve learned from great bosses and mentors, and I’ve read my share of leadership books.