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Red Bee Principals Kelly McNamara Corley and Christine Edwards Led Workshop on “Getting Board Ready” for Women Retail Executives

Red Bee principals Kelly McNamara Corley and Christine Edwards presented a workshop on “Getting Board Ready” at the 2022 Women in Retail Leadership Summit. They presented to a talented group of women retail executives who are interested in joining corporate boards. During the workshop, Corley and Edwards discussed the qualities and skills of an effective board member and how to prepare and activate your network for board service.

Studies show that women on boards tend to champion difficult or controversial issues and help broaden discussions to better represent the concerns of a variety of stakeholders. They are team players, and their presence on boards contributes to cohesiveness. Women directors deal more effectively with risk, better address the concerns of customers, employees, shareholders, and the local community, and tend to focus on long-term priorities.

If you are interested in honing your board skills, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Red Bee Group.