We partner to assess, build and improve upon your current capabilities. We offer a set of proven tools, techniques and frameworks that boost the talent on your team and drive innovation, alignment and results.

Organizational Excellence

  • Develop strategies for talent management that foster innovation and drive business objectives
  • Develop strategies to recruit, retain and promote diverse and inclusive teams
  • Use data to inform decision making and measure results
  • Develop and implement succession plans for key roles
  • Coach executives at all levels for success
  • Build, source and develop new functions
  • Identify and implement efficiency opportunities
  • Develop key risk and performance indicators
  • Build strong business partnerships and measure impact
  • Establish effective pro-bono programs that drive engagement

Board Effectiveness & Governance

  • Advise on the development of an effective Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) program
  • Develop useful oversight practices to foster a diverse and inclusive culture
  • Establish effective senior management and Board succession plans
  • Conduct investigations and make recommendations for enhanced governance practices
  • Advise on the creation of Board presentations and governance materials
  • Develop an effective Board training program

Public Policy & Regulatory Relations

  • Create programs for strengthening relationships with regulators and policymakers
  • Develop and advise on advocacy strategies
  • Establish contact management and communications strategies to support policy objectives
  • Leverage the engagement strategy to achieve key business objectives and manage reputation risk

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Ensure your diversity and inclusion strategy is comprehensive and embedded into your mission and goals
  • Support workplace inclusion through mission statements, diversity councils and affinity networks
  • Develop initiatives to recruit, retain and promote a diverse base of talent
  • Conduct cultural assessments
  • Design and facilitate trainings on bias reducing and diversity promoting practices
  • Develop programming to improve cultural fluency
  • Design and deliver workshops
  • Conduct pay equity analyses
  • Create outreach and communications strategies to support diversity goals
  • Conducted national surveys around gender, race and ethnicity
  • Published reports with data-based recommendations and best practices

Risk/Crisis Management & Communications

  • Identify and assess vulnerabilities, threats and challenges
  • Recommend steps to mitigate
  • Develop, refresh and strengthen crisis readiness plans
  • Constructed mock crisis scenarios
  • Develop reputation management risk scorecards
  • Assist in the development of communications strategies and outreach to employees, shareholders, board of directors, customers, community, media
  • Provided media guidance on topics including strategy, key messages, Q/A, interview preparation
  • Support large-scale events including analyst quarterly and annual earnings calls, annual reports, product launches, presidential campaigns, conventions, inaugurals, international summits

Corporate & Law Firm Collaborations

  • Develop and strengthen joint programs
  • Provide metrics, strategies and scorecards to drive efficiency, demonstrate value and grow stronger relationships
  • Develop “cost-benefit” analyses for various vendor/client relationship initiatives
  • Create innovative client/firm programs to drive engagement and positive reputation, especially pro-bono & diversity programs

We partner with our clients to deliver innovative ideas and meaningful results.