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‘Too Much to Do’ — Committee Remits Are Growing

It’s no question that boards’ plates have gotten fuller lately as each year, or even each month, brings a wave of new topics — from generative AI to sustainability — for boards to oversee. To deal with the onslaught, boards are shifting certain topics away from full board oversight and into specific committees, five years of Agenda surveys show.

Diversity: A Key ESG Factor That Needs Data-Driven Reviews 

There is a growing global movement toward greater consideration of environmental, social and governance factors in investing. As a result, mutual funds with responsible investment strategies, where investors actively seek out companies making positive contributions in these areas, have seen significant inflows over the past several years, with global ESG assets hitting $2.5 trillion at the end of 2022, according to Morningstar.

Financial Institution Directors: Four Key Considerations for Oversight of Management in Today’s Uncertain Environment: By Christine Edwards

Today’s financial institution director oversight challenges are caused by the aftermath of several recent bank failures, resulting in the FDIC stepping in to make depositors whole.

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