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The Red Bee Group Conducts Innovative Large Scale Study of Workplace Bullying

The Red Bee Group is proud to be selected by the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism to conduct one of the nation’s first major studies of bullying in the legal profession.  Using both survey and focus group techniques, the research will address when and why bullying occurs in the legal profession, what types of bullying are common, whether particular groups of lawyers are more likely to experience bullying, and actions to  minimize the frequency and negative effects of bullying.  The research results will be compiled into a report that provides recommendations for reducing bullying in a variety of legal settings and guidance to individuals, employers, and judges for preventing and combatting bullying.  The Red Bee principals engaged in this project are Stephanie Scharf, Roberta (“Bobbi”) Liebenberg, Kelly McNamara Corley, Wendy Shiba, and Tom Bender.