Strong diversity, equity and inclusion programs help attract, develop and retain breadth and depth of talent, enhance team engagement, promote innovation and drive strong performance.

The Red Bee Group helps organizations develop strategies for DEI, offering tailored, practical and sustainable approaches to help our clients achieve their goals. Our data-driven methods allow us to gauge the impact and efficacy of strategies over time. We train and coach to support DEI goals. We design communication strategies for internal and external constituents. Our team of national thought leaders from business, law, and education leverage their extensive experience in DEI research and data analytics to develop practical and sustainable strategies for achieving our clients’ objectives.


  • Develop DEI strategies and goals including designing and implementing initiatives and assessing progress over time.
  • Implement assessments such as audits, surveys, and small group interviews, to determine opportunities to enhance DEI effectiveness.
  • Conduct cultural assessments to determine whether an organization’s expressed expectations, behaviors, and philosophy about DEI are experienced in the same way at multiple levels of the organization.
  • Promote policies and procedures to support DEI progress and identify adjustments to current policies to minimize impediments to long-term culture change.
  • Train and coach to support diverse and inclusive teams and leadership. Topics include team building, leadership, cognitive and implicit biases, negotiation, business development, burnout, and more.
  • Provide program support including dashboards, scorecards and analytic support to measure progress over time and inflection points of success.
  • Design communications strategies for engagement with employees, shareholders, boards, clients, and community.
  • Conduct national studies of the legal profession to determine data-based best practices for retaining lawyers of color and women for sustained advancement into leadership roles.
  • Conduct pay equity analyses.
  • Develop innovative initiatives including partnership programs to encourage vendor diversity.